I’m gonna change you like a remix
Then I’ll raise you like a phoenix

“My mother doesn’t like tattoos. She says art belongs on a wall. Well I say no one, not even my mother gets to tell me I can’t be a masterpiece.”
— Hannah Snowdon (via li0nroar)

@Real_Liam_Payne: Well u gotta think on the bright side of these things least I get to watch myself on a fail compilation on YouTube

Chase the wind and touch the sky.


lets talk about how dreamworks made a main character with a prosthetic limb. lets talk about how his best friend and his dads best friend also had fully functional prosthetics that weren’t made to look inconspicuous. let’s talk about how the females are all kick ass, but have the capacity to be human. let’s talk about how the only sexualized thing in how to train your dragon 2 was eret son of eret’s arms

The walking dead - season 5 trailer (x)